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Jesse Walker: About

Design is the language of ideas.

Design & direction for brands, people, and causes.


Jesse Walker

I was born and raised in a small, southern town in Alabama, where the only time anyone really thought about design at all was while judging the annual Christmas parade. Despite that I grew up as a “creative” type and eventually found my way to art school where I, along with a superbly talented faculty and peer group, fashioned myself into a visual communicator.

Since, I’ve launched regional and national brands from scratch, helped established businesses cement their core values and develop unique positions for their brand's success, built awareness and promoted worthwhile charities, and defined guidelines for promoting and packaging global products. And they’ve all had one thing in common...

Great Ideas.

Ideas are the currency of design. And by building designs around strong concepts I hope to set myself apart as uniquely valuable. Whether that be working directly with brand stakeholders or by directing and working with a team of like minded creatives. If you’d like to know more about my work or my process please reach out. I’ve also got a really compelling argument for why the grid is the greatest invention in human history...should anyone care to hear it...